Saligna (Eucalyptus Grandis. Family: Myrtaceae). Distribution in Australia and South Africa, Saligna is also known as blue gum. Its characteristics are a pale yellow sap wood, fairly well defined from the light pink or rose brown heartwood, usually straight grained or interlocked, with a rather coarse texture.

All Saligna used is supplied by Singisi Forest Products, International Standard No. 15 (ISPM 15). This requires all timber to be heat treated at 56ºC for a minimum of 30 minutes. At Singisi’s sawmills, namely Langeni, Singisi and Weza, temperatures exceeding 75ºC for 45 hours or longer are achieved. Langeni, Singisi and Weza Sawmills are registered and apply the ISPM 15 mark for the export of their timber throughout the world.